Friday, 22 August 2008

Sein Und Werden

Considering that getting into the journals and magazines that I really like is the only thing that prevents erectile dysfunction from completely dominating my life – you can imagine the throbbing tumescence that I am currently experiencing as a result of having a written piece – The Witch’s Keys - going in the print edition of the next Sein Und Werden AND some art – Postcard Of The Hanging – going up on the next online edition of same journal. And further considering that there was already a sizeable semi defiantly lingering from being in the last print edition of SuW – I would advise clicking on the link for that edition – both online and print being very excellent. There is a small review of the content of the print somewhere in the past posts.

I will have something much more sensible (depending on my mood or state of inebriation) to say when the issue goes live.

I’m just saying – YEAH, really -- loud and proud.

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