Friday, 8 August 2008

Clockwise Cat

At a time when my life is going seriously off the rails (not such a bad thing to deal with for myself – even suicide only brings forward the inevitable – prevents the nasty gods from killing you with cancer – but somewhat disturbing because of the damage to others), and a time when I have not been writing shit, not really been reading shit, not really been submitting shit, not really been doing anything other than spinning plates on a tightrope (and no funumbalist I), it seems like one of my older pieces has gone up at Clockwise Cat. Something I would not have been aware of if I had not been stalking McLean’s blogspot (although I still have not found the Go Private button).

There is a link on the right for Clockwise Cat. And link on the right for Autoerotic Elegies if you want to see if you can find the Go Private button.

Also in this issue – which (of course) I have not had time to fully read – I find there to be an excellent piece by Craig Sernotti, some fuckery by Jack Henry [ahah], three poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, and best of all, a review of Misti Rainwater-Lites’ Dripping Milk by David McLean. The book sounds great, and the review manages to review Misti’s work, and give a great glimpse into the seriously maladjusted (by conventional standards – so, therefore, pretty fucking well-adjusted, by my standards) attitudes of the man that both Sweden and Wales are proud to have has their ambassador.

Loads of other stuff. Poems, and stories (some themed with an absurd bent, some not), reviews (of books and music), visual art, polemics and essays. I know I will be eager to read more – so get some pussy by clicking that link. And do it now.

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