Saturday, 19 April 2008

Gloom Cupboard

I was pleased to receive my copy of Gloom Cupboard recently. They were kind enough to drop their standards to allow room for one of my stories – but otherwise this is an excellent collection, which includes work by:

Ben Ashwell
Ben Barton
Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Lance Curran
Cyndi Dawson
Michael Estabrook
Joseph Farley
Barry Graham
Michael D. Grover
Thomas Healy
Antony Hitchin
Doug Holder
Nicole Isabella
Karl Koweski
David LaBounty
Anthony Liccione
Michael McCoon
David Mclean
Tony Nesca
J. Michael Niotta
Greg Oguss
Leigh Pierce
Rob Plath
John Rocco
Craig Sernotti
The Poet Spiel
Chris Stanifer
Davide Trame
Jim Vacca
And lastly, and least, some chancer called
Pablo Vision

The price of this collection is £3.99 (UK lucre), which includes p&p and you can buy it from Erbacce Press by clicking on the Gloom Cupboard link on the right. There is much good stuff by many good artists – but if you need convincing to buy something that contains both Rob Plath AND David Mclean – then I would be wasting my time to say anything more!

You would be a fool and a madman not to buy Rob Plath’s Squeezing Blood From The Alphabet whilst you are there (Erbacce Press) – my own copy is already dog-eared from repeated reading – so hell – buy two copies.

The wise will be keeping their eyes open for David Mclean’s forthcoming book “Cadaver’s Dance”, which should be out anytime soon – probably sticking “Cadaver’s Dance” into your search engine (including the quotation marks) from time to time will yield better information, should I continue to neglect updating this page. The poor should start saving their money, or start stealing food in order to finance what, I am sure, will be an essential purchase.


I am delighted to have my work included in the forthcoming DOGZPLOT FLASH FICTION 2008 ANTHOLOGY – this is set to go to print in July 2008 – and will be a beautifully bound 5.5 by 8.5 paperback – the price, I believe, will be $8 (that’s US barter beans, btw).

This will include many excellent pieces by

rosanna armendariz
ristaa abouradi-hoffman
bill barr
jane timm baxter
shaindel beers
matt bell
luis c. berriozabal
justin blackburn
cl bledsoe
aaron burch
david byron
zachary c. bush
yu-han chao
jimmy chen
dawn corrigan
mikael covey
todd michael cox
angela davis
robert a. dollesin
verless doran
elizabeth ellen
heather fowler
scott garson
anne germanacos
barry graham
joseph graham
gregory heaney
joe holtaway
jamie jones
rebecca kanner
stefan kiesbye
jamie lin
michele matheson
kevin michaels
shayn nicely
j.r. pearson
brandon potter
andrew powers
misti rainwater-lites
gina ranalli
vita l. sacksby
peter schwartz
sarah smarch
hannah smart
claudia smith
simon a. smith
kim teeple
beth thomas
j.a. tyler
pablo vision
jan windle
amandine williams-abraham
deborah wood

The cover art will be by Jordan C. Brun

More details, when I know them.