Thursday, 10 May 2012

Antique Children

Kingdom Freaks & Other Divine Wonders

Writers: Scot Sothern, Hank Kirton, Andrei Codrescu, Paul Krassner, Kris Saknussemm, Amy Wright, Craig Woods, Rudy Ch. Garcia, Gary J. Shipley, James Beach, Patrick Wright, William Michaelian, Janet Slike, Aimee DeLong, Timothy Martin, Ron Hirschbein, Travis Jeppesen, and David Shetzline

Poets: Bill Gainer, evan lee ward, Paul Lopez, Martin Balgach, Ruxandra Cesereanu

Comics: Rick Grimes, Sean Madden, Vincent Wright, Fiona Poppadello, Elliot Feldman, Cody Sevedge

Artists: Dariusz Skitek, Richard de la Torre, Christian Demare, Emric KABAL, Myko Semper, Brendan Danielsson, Bryan Lewis Saunders, pablo vision, Mateusz Niebal, Nunzio Barbera II, Piercarlo Carella, Cystal Herman, Joseph Loughborough, Matt Nocera, Stephan Maich, Jean Fabien, Scot Sothern, Janieta Eyre and Pedro Meyer



Klaus Koblitz Retrospective

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To find out more about Klaus “Kino” Koblitz – including recently restored footage of The Tulip Thief - visit Atticus Books and the Tulpendiebe blog

Jürgen Fauth's Kino at Atticus Books

Tulpendiebe Blog

Epic Rites Press

AN AGE OF MONSTERS – William Taylor Jr – Epic Rites Press

AN AGE OF MONSTERS is the first collection of short stories by San Francisco poet William Taylor Jr. The book features fifteen short stories by Taylor, plus images by award-winning photographer Julie Michelle.

“William Taylor Jr. writes with guts and honesty, taking us into the minds of characters that are scary and oddly lovable at the same time.”—Tony DuShane

“AN AGE OF MONSTERS is written in the voice of a sad, wistful romantic resigned to the often brutally ugly reality of modern life. Underlying the romanticism is a rich sense of humor and irony. These are timeless stories sharp with multiple angles. They resonate.”—Misti Rainwater-Lites

“William Taylor Jr. writes about life on the fringe in San Francisco with extraordinary clarity and with great humor and humanity.”—George Anderson

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STUMBLES AND HALF SLIPS – Zack Wilson – Epic Rites Press

“STUMBLES AND HALF SLIPS is a superb insight into the life of a man dwelling in a world occupied by fools. This book implausibly inhabits the grey area between social realism and downright awkwardness; as Ray Doyle, delivery driver, stands as the lone voice of sanity in a quaint English town, struggling to comprehend the maudlin muddle that consumes his mind the morning after a night spent slouched by the bar. Zack Wilson has written a brutally honest account about what it is like to be stuck in the doldrums.”—Richard Wink

 “Zack Wilson is one of that most important, yet often most overlooked, breed of writers: a chronicler of the extraordinary hearts that beat out ordinary lives.”—Matthew David Scott

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THE BUDDHA DOESN'T LIVE HERE – James Darman – Epic Rites Press

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Outsider Writers Collective

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