Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Quantum Genre in the Planet of Arts

pablo vision pablo recidivision quantum genre in the planet of arts quantum genre on the planet of arts quantum anthology paraphilia magazine

Click image to enter the weird and wonderful world of Quantum Genre in the Planet of Arts.

Published by Paraphilia Magazine, this Quantum Anthology of words and images includes contributions from Pablo Vision V. Ulea Irene Frenkel Nicholas Alexander Hayes Rochelle Dinkin D. Harlan Wilson Rachel Kendall Rachel Isaac Benjamin Robinson Michael Blekhman Izya Shlosberg Jonathan Shipley Tantra Bensko Dorothee Lang Kyle Muntz J.A.Tyler Annelyse Gelman Michail Judovskij Peter Diseth Chrystal Blue Jay Caselberg Tom Bradley Gareth D Jones Debbie Vilardi Alex Kats Adam La Rusic Susannah Mandel David Schwartz Marc Lowe Louise Norlie Yveta Shanfeldova Tyler Williams Patricia Russo Dennis Danvers Douglas Hutcheson John Beleskas Seth Rowanwood Yelena Dubrovin Colin Meldrum Betty Jo Tucker Misha Chariton Grace Andreacchi.

Tree Killer Ink & Beat The Dust

Tree Killer Ink:

Tree Killer #5 - Rob Plath, Todd Moore, Lyn Lifshin, John Dorsey, Zach King-Smith, MJ Taylor, Marie Lecrivain, Jason Hardung, David Smith, Alan Britt, Paul Harrison, Michael McAloran, Jack Henry, Ben Smith, James Darman, William Taylor Jr, Dave Rindahl, Dennis Bagwell, Frankie Metro, Pablo Vision, John Yamrus and Wolfgang Carstens

Tree Killer #7 - Jack T. Marlowe, Rob Plath, Wolfgang Carstens, Murphy Clamrod, John Yamrus, Diana Rose, M.J. Taylor, William Taylor Jr., John Dorsey, Frankie Metro, Dan Fante, Frank Reardon, Nic St. James, Todd Moore, A.D. Winans, Mike Meraz, Zack Wilson, Lynne Hayes, Christpher Anodyne, Jason Hardung, Catfish McDaris, Pablo Vision, Newamba Flamingo, M.P. Powers, Karl Koweski, A. Molotkov and Peycho Kanev

Tree Killer Ink #9 is a monster issue! It features new: (poetry) by John Yamrus, (poetry) by Murphy Clamrod, (prose) by Jack Henry, (prose) by Karl Koweski, (artwork) by William Taylor Jr., (prose) by John Dorsey, (poetry) by Rob Plath, (poetry) by Dan Fante, (poetry) by MJ Taylor, (prose) by Anatoly Molotkov, (prose) by A.D. Winans, (prose) by William Taylor Jr., (prose) by Frankie Metro, (prose) by Pablo Vision, (prose) by Edaurdo Jones, (prose) by Wolfgang Carstens, (poetry) by Mark Paleologo, and (poetry) by Todd Moore.
Plus numbered and signed, limited edition broadside - Her Face, The Sometimes Gentleness, numbered and signed by William Taylor Jr. - included with this issue.

What happens when you pack six hundred pounds of dynamite between the covers of a magazine?

Tree Killer Ink #10 features a full-length play by Rob Plath, new prose by Erik “The Lizardman” Sprague, Zack Wilson, John Dorsey, R L Raymond, Frankie Metro, John Macker, Marie Lecrivain and Rob Dyer; new poetry by John Yamrus, Dan Fante, William Taylor Jr., Lyn Lifshin, Todd Moore, Nahshon Cook, Wolfgang Carstens and many, many more surprises.

Plus limited edition broadside - Missing In Canada by Wolfgang Carstens - included with this issue.


Beat The Dust / Epic Rites Special Edition:

Alternative audio of The Great Religion featured in October’s issue of Melissa Mann’s Beat The Dust.

This Epic Rites special edition also includes videos and audio by Rob Plath, John Yamrus, William Taylor Jr., Jason Hardung, Wolfgang Carstens and Casey Quinn.