Tuesday, 18 August 2009


New audio track: “syndrome”
The tension is created in the drum loops; dynamic movement propelled by alternate panning and processing; feedback and harmonic sound pad (homage to martin hannett’s work for joy division) positioned to the right.

Best listened to at volume, sat in-between the speakers with bass turned up (or sub woofer on)

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The Broken And The Damned – Jason Hardung – Epic Rites Press



Forthcoming at Epic Rites Press:

The Broken And The Damned – Jason Hardung – Epic Rites Press

“The Broken and the Damned by Jason Hardung is a love poem for the schools of lost children. The story of a boy waiting at the corner of lost and found for the light of his mother’s eyes to change to gold. A long drive into that dark episode we call father that always finds us where we live. These hungry poems will inhabit you like a junkie’s old leather coat. The fix is the verse. They need to be held and read out loud to your delinquent heart. Hardung’s history packs a .38, does time, rides shotgun with a Cadillac moon singing liberation lyrics that will provide a solid rush, that feeling you get when you first feel the poem enter the bloodstream.” – S. A. Griffin

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Image: front and back cover art and design by pablo vision