Monday, 19 September 2011



Introduction by Michael Roth
Cover art and design by pablo vision

“…a derangement of the senses, an infiltration of one’s carefully constructed identity and its ultimate destruction from within; an invocation of one’s guardian demon; a letter to a secret lover; a hagiography of a disturbed saint; a dissolution of boundaries that follows contact with the meaningless; a manifestation of a cephalopod’s wet dream… ...a funhouse mirror that disfigures the ideas of the dominant culture…”

“When David Michael K visited The Doctor's office, housed in the mysterious Building, he hadn't anticipated his life tipping into madness where reality melted and stretched and fiction merged with real life. In a satirical romp that sends up postmodernism, popular culture and satirises satire itself, our hero is chased by homicidal drug-dealing clowns, cartoon characters, pink UFOs and creatures of pure nightmare. Is this a serious book disguised as humour? or a joke at the expense of the intelligentsia? Fun stuff.”

Paraphilia Books

Saturday, 2 April 2011

morpheus tales issue 12

Featuring: John S. Barker, Matthew Freyer, Christopher Glazer, Brick Marlin, Vladimir Petkovic, Lawrence Barker, Kurt Fawver, Charlie Zacherl, Edward Rodosek, John F. D. Taff, Dameion Becknell, Charles A. Muir, Martin Blanco, Martin Slag, Ian Welsh, Lenora Farrington-Sarrouf and Carey Borgens.

Cover art and design by pablo vision

Morpheus Tales