Tuesday, 5 August 2008

THE – Quotes Issue

Most excellent!!!

Despite not been sending much stuff out recently – got another piece gone up at THE. For the Quotes issue. Sandwiched between Lincoln and Goethe quotes is something that I wrote ages ago. Given the ignorant and hypocritical clacking jaws of the press, starting up once again, about the McCanns – somewhat topical. Seems like not knowing things, and not knowing people, is the ultimate authority to pass judgement.

My thing is called News of the World. Link on the right.

Also work by:

Matt Finney – And Afterward – he kicks off with a Hemingway quote.

Howie Good – A Great Perhaps – assembled like a good kind of Frankenstein’s monster from the last words of Leonard Bernstein, Jean Cocteau, Marco Polo, Richard Halliburton, George Engel, L. Frank Baum, Vincent van Gogh, Theodore Roosevelt, Rabelais, and Heinrich Heine.

David Lawrence – Dissent – about a button that says “Dissent is patriotic” and some strong musings on much stuff.

Todd Moore – dillinger ds – pretty damned cool by my tastes.

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