Monday, 29 September 2008

Rural Messengers Press

Most specially pleased to find my first posthumous acceptance in my inbox this morning (death is always the best career move). This acceptance is from Rural Messengers Press, and they are going to be using my piece in Side of Grits. The piece they will be using is She Came Too Early, And Left Us In The Morning.

I have also sent them a picture of myself. Now that I am dead I am less concerned with my image being used. In life, I thought that my devastatingly good looks would distract people from the exceptional nature of my work; that I would, once again, become a sex object. But I only have to worry about necrophiliacs now. And worry I do not, for I am dead.

I will be saying more about Side of Grits when it goes live – but for now there is a party in my death-shroud, and you’re all invited.

Saturday, 20 September 2008


pablo vision/pablo recidivision (June 2007- September 2008) R.I.P.

Sir pablo vision was deputy governor of …fuck it, that’s not right – but he is dead (and thank fuck for that) - it says so here (not the ‘thank fuck bit’ – that would be disrespectful). You will find a very moving list of the fallen: brave men and women, killed in artistic action…and it seemed to me that they lived their lives like lots of candles in loads of wind…

(You have to click on the above link, then click on the link there, and then click on the Obituary link, and then…)

Sein und Werden

Very excited and pleased that the online issue of Sein und Werden (Memento Mori) is now up. There is an amazing collection of stuff there – words and art and all kinds of crazy stuff. I dig it. You can dig it too by clicking on the link on the right.

I will be saying a lot more about the print issue when I have read it – I have got the Witch’s Keys in this. There is, as always, a very exciting line-up in print – so looking forward to this very much. Link on right for getting your unworthy mitts on this. And you should.

Anyway, for now, the online SuW showcases some art I did called ‘Postcard of the Hanging’. I was mightily pleased to find it on the same page as Mr McLean’s poem ‘death’s entrance’ – excellent, of course, but also so perverse that god gets a capital G. And what a bargain (for you, dear reader) – you can simply click this link and see/read both. And I think fitting that the two should be together – for it was the voices in Mr McLean’s head that told me to hang naked woman in my cellar (they were more than willing, and all was consensual, so very glad to have ignored my therapists advice not to do such things).

There is also a review of David McClean’s Cadaver’s Dance by editor Rachel Kendall – you can read that here – you should – and then you can buy it – which you can do here or here or here – you should.

You can also find a link to some other poems at SuW – and why would you not want to read something called rat-foetus blues? (Not wanting to give anything away, but I creamed the screen when I got to the fifth.)


Toothsayer by Laura Forgie
Ideas of Murder in Vermont by Jonathan Woods
Death in Disneyland by Ross Brodie
Gypsy With Child by Phil Doran
Fete by Juliet Cook
Window to Life by V Ulea
Treatment with Possible Pardon... by Bryson Newhart
Doll # 4 by John Brewer
The Pathology of Perception by Kris Pittman
Thirty Days of Bellesgrant and Zerxaquarius by Yarrow Paisley
Nausea by April Michelle Bratten
Let's Become Like Birds by Laura Forgie
Spaghetti Fiction by Phil Doran. Review by Rachel Kendall
Session by J E Stanley
Beyond First Taste by Colette Jonopulos
Asystole by Sherry Musick
Teratophobic Man by Christopher Allan Death
Death's Entrance by David McLean
Postcard of the Hanging by Pablo Vision
Pretend That We're Dead by Alison J Littlewood
Cadaver's Dance by David McLean. Review by Rachel Kendall
The Devoid by Philip Clark
Sally Mann: What Remains by Rachel Kendall
Mother by Dan Smith
The Mouth of the River Rat by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
1938 WPA Poster by B Drew Collier
Mr Pressure Loses His Mantra by J L Dale
The Early Moon Pressed An Eye To the Window by B Drew Collier
Death's Antidote by Grace Andreacchi
DeadMeatDeadWoodLiveFlies by Sherry Musick
Consider the Percocet by Greg Gerke
Himself Rustic Breath by Solo Hawkins
Noon by Brenton Rossow
Manhattan Transit in July by Adele C Geraghty
Guillotine Promenade by Carrie Crow
Dark Dualism by Hana Sustkova
Quantum Work As a Type of the Experimental Fiction by V Ulea

Monday, 15 September 2008

Neonbeam 6

Very excited that the new issue of Neonbeam is now out. There is a free download – but I am going to wait until I read the print version (priced at an absolute give-away of £3.49) because of how wonderful the previous print issue was. I will, therefore, be saying more about this later. There are links to the free download and the print option on the right – for those sensible enough to not wait.

As always some pretty shit-hot people in this thing, and it is always an excellent publication.

Very much looking forward to reading:

Fiction by:

Christopher Nosnibor, John Oliver Hodges, Gillian Taber, Michael Ray Laemmle, Christian Roberts, Adrian Ludens, Kevin P. Keating, and Pablo Vision.

And poetry by:

David McLean, Rob Plath, Felino Soriano, Darryl Salach, Gary Beck, Joseph Reich, Patience Wieland, Geoff Stevens, Jack Henry, James S. Wilk, Ernest Williamson III, Robert S. King.


NB talks to past contributor Gregory L. Hall about his new horror fiction orientated web project

Neonbeam 5 is still up and available (links on right) – there is a short run down of content in the previous posts – although, to preserve a certain deviant's modesty, I neglected to mention the nude picture of David McClean in this issue. But seeing that he is now understandably proud of this, I feel it ok to share a little known fact about the expanded dimensions of issue 5: these were changed just in order to accommodate his err… physical dimensions. Because I always like to steal other people’s ideas I tried submitting a poem that was written on my own penis for Issue 6 – but, apparently, one word poems are not that popular.

MungBeing 22

Very excited that I have another piece going up in MungBeing – Things Behind The Sun. I will be saying more about this later when the issue goes live – but using my powers of prophesy I already know that Jennifer Chesler’s piece – A Letter I Got in Prison – will, once again, be the absolute highlight of the issue.

Unlike usually vague prophesies that others may give, I am confident, given the date stamp of this post, that I will be proved unequivocally correct.

You can read previous pieces at MungBeing by Jennifer Chesler in the link on the right. You should.

I have also been enjoying listening to The Mars Volta’s version of the Nick Drake's Things Behind The Sun.

Epic Rites

Really massively pleased that Epic Rites will be including my poem – America: Ignorance is no Excuse - in their first issue. And very pleased that they have the balls and enthusiasm to use something so political. A great ultra-fast response from Wolfgang Carstens too (who said: “America is an incredible poem. I had planned on rocking the boat a little - not tipping the fucker over.”)

My thing is, of course, wonderfully subtle and understated, and shows a great deal of respect to Palin and her sympathisers/apologists (all the respect they deserve: i.e. none).

I do have concerns that Ginsberg may rework my poem, use his powers of time travel, and get his published fifty so years before mine – but the life of an artist is never easy…

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Sarah Palin

A small selection of the well-documented views of Sarah Palin are apparently posted here:

It makes disturbing reading. But I suggest that you do.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Clockwise Cat

Really excited that I am going to be returning to Clockwise Cat – Issue 12.

A little bit of tangential science for you: clocks (and, therefore, time) go one-way in the northern hemisphere, and the other direction in the southern – and time stands still on the equator. I share this fact with you now, because, if Sarah Palin’s influence continues to grow, the effects of Coriolis on time will be negated by the progressive return to a flat earth.

I will provide a link to Issue 12 of Clockwise Cat when it goes up – provided that the Internet has not been removed as an abomination to the eyes of God and Palin. Knowledge and information are indeed a very dangerous inconvenience to some.

Fissure Magazine

Very pleased to have one of my things going into the next issue of Fissure Magazine (Shadow Archer Press).

I can feel the cracks starting to appear in the society’s resistance to my inevitable world domination. I have a three-part plan – similar to that of the Underpant Gnomes – I have stage one figured, and stage three (already stated) – I just need more coherency for the middle bit. But knowing, therefore, that I am two-thirds the way there is quite a good feeling. And I am inspired by how someone as disgustingly abhorrent, and absolutely barking mad, as Sarah Palin seems to be able to appeal to the (m)asses.