Monday, 6 October 2008

MungBeing 22

Always very excited when a new edition of MungBeing goes live. Issue 22 is up now, and there is a link on the right. Featuring prose, poetry, essays, music, and some very excellent artwork, it is well worth checking out.

My piece is called Things Behind The Sun – and I am quite pleased with it (mostly because it uses the ‘u’ word (twice)). There is also some excellent art by Kim Richardson and Anne van der Linden that I really like for different reasons. But, really, plenty of good stuff throughout.

Nostradamus started churning out the Almanacs around about 1550. Stupid people like to cream themselves over taking these vague and bolloxsome prophecies and applying them to any number of events that have happened since. Stupid people also like the bible. I, however, made a very specific prophesy, here on this page, dated September the 15th 2008, in which I stated that Jennifer Chesler’s piece – A Letter I Got in Prison – would be the absolute highlight of the issue. And so it has come to pass – exactly and precisely like I said it would. You can read that piece here – and you should – it is exceptional.

I have recall of seeing The Mars Volta play at The Academy, in Manchester, just after they released De-Loused in the Comatorium. It was gloriously chaotic – perhaps like what Syd’s band would have been like live – and exciting enough for me not to get too sad about the demise of At the Drive-In. You can hear The Mars Volta’s version of Nick Drake’s Things Behind The Sun here.
There seem to be a number of interesting covers by The Mars Volta to check out elsewhere – Siouxsie and the Banshees’ Pulled to Bits, and the Sugarcubes’ Birthday. Apparently the ‘Volta’ bit of the name comes from Frederico Fellini’s description of a changing of scene, or a turnaround, in his films.

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