Friday, 17 October 2008

Eviscerator Heaven #4

Highly delighted that Eviscerator Heaven #4 is now up and available as a free pdf download. There is a link on the right. Two different downloads – part one and part two – and I have two different pieces in part one. The full list of contributors is:

Part One

Jaie Miller
Felino Soriano
Craig Podmore
Gail Gray
Karl Koweski
Pablo Vision
Jacqui Corcoran
Petra Whitely

Part Two

Duane Locke: Interview with a Legend
Isaac Seal
Melissa Hansen
Patricia Carragon
Christopher Nosnibor
Linda Washington
Alexandra Ryan
Misti Rainwater Lites
Brett Milstead
Gillian Prew
Bertrand Damien
Melanie Browne
Thomas L. Vaultonburg
Andrew Taylor
Brittony Fay-Johnson
Dan Miles

In heaven, everything is fine, [no doubt] you got your good thing, and I’ve got mine [well two actually – as stated above].

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