Thursday, 16 October 2008

Clockwise Cat 12

Very pleased that Clockwise Cat 12 will not only include my slab of fiction – Damaged Girl – but will be running two of my reviews – Amanda Boschetto’s Angels in Hell and Christopher Nosnibor’s THE PLAGIARIST.

So three big cheers for Alison Ross for taking these – and for responding so very quickly. I will pay secret homage, tonight, by listening to the very best Cure album ever released – Curiosity (a cassette-only bonus that came with Concert) – and very atmospheric it is too.

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Nosnibor said...

Ah, the 'Curiosity' tracks are now on CD as bonus tracks on the 2-disc reissues of he early albums... magic! And less likely to get chewed by yr player. Still have my cassette of, course, though...