Thursday, 16 October 2008

Clockwise Cat 11

A once again excellent collection of poems, fiction, art, polemics, reviews, essays, and other stuff, including poems (prose that has been bravely, and adventurously, chopped up by people on commission to hit the enter button on their laptops) by David McLean, Amanda Boschetto, AJ Kaufmann, Felino Soriano, and loads others.

There are reviews of rob plath’s there’s a little hobo in my heart who forever gives the finger to humanity, and of Misti Rainwater-Lites’ Pretty Red Berries – both written by Mr McLean (but not, thankfully, that smoking apostate the Marlboro Man). Both these books sit on my bookshelf – so you can consider that a double endorsement.

Loads of other good stuff there, especially The Price of Pieces by Mark Mika. This is a story about me. And the colossus image above the story is highly appropriate and suitably respectful. Most of this piece is based on true facts (although it is an exaggeration to say that I write ten stories a day – doing so would encroach unacceptably on my porn-viewing time (however the description of my pants is 100% accurate – although a definite breach of confidence (which I am prepared to overlook on this occasion))). I do, of course, make an absolutely captivating muse. And I am glad to find that Mark is still happily frolicking in the Californian sea with his loving and lazy cat.

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