Friday, 31 October 2008

Heroin Love Songs

There is a nice warm cotton wool feeling surging through my veins right at this very moment. And that is because my beautifully benign piece – Fuck-Drops Make Entity – has just been accepted for Heroin Love Songs. I think this will be Volume Five – and probably out in the middle of November. But if you are desperate for a bit of brown (right here, right now (and I speculate that Brighton’s fat ‘slim’ boy would not have been so fat if…)) there are links (on the right) to the online (you have to scroll down a bit – but plenty of good stuff to scroll through anyway) and to the print version of Volume One.

One of the very pleasing things about Fuck-Drops is that it is exactly 666 words long – each of them filled to the brim with an almost Christian-style love of life.

Big cheers to Jack - the former owner of the most kinky afro ever – for ultra fast response time. I like editors who say yes, and say yes quickly. They make me happy. The others just make me make voodoo dolls.

And remember children: Heroin is good for you. Well, this kind anyway…