Saturday, 5 July 2008

Various Stuff

Exceptionally pleased that the awesome Clockwise Cat have been kind enough to take We Look Like Someone You Would Not Want To Meet for issue ten. Clockwise Cat is always well worth a visit. As well as poetry and prose, there are reviews of books that you would probably want to spend money on by that temptress David McLean.

Up The Staircase have been kind enough to use Bad Touch for their upcoming summer issue.

Melissa Mann has recorded an audio version of my story A Day In The Life (the piece chosen by guest editor Mark SaFranko for inclusion in Beat The Dust.

A secret glimpse of my world is now showcasing in The New York Review – written by a great friend – and talented writer – Mark Mika - you can check it out in the Lies That People Have Told About Me section. I am optimistic that there might be other pieces about me elsewhere in the future. I like being a muse. It is so much easier than writing myself. And I make a great muse. I am beautiful and with many levels of intrigue and almost blindly brilliant talent. And my unassuming down-to-earth nature make me a very accessible and identifiable superhero for the plebs and the (m)asses.

Explorsion are using some of my artwork for their forthcoming print edition. There may be a gallery showing – but I am having difficulty keeping track of all that is going on. Whatever happens, I’m pretty excited about this.

My work is to be included in the forthcoming Dogzplot Flash Fiction Anthology – this should be available to buy in paperback form in July – more info in the dedicated blog.

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