Saturday, 5 July 2008


There is a new issue of Parasitic up (there is a direct link on the right-hand side) – and I am very pleased and proud to have my work included.

The current issue includes:

New Header Image by Shaun Garrod
gretchen by karl koweski
wrong by melissa mann
damaged girl pablo vision
the girl with pink socks by mikael covey

and previous work includes:

First Line Last – A Cut-Up

by Yu-Han Chao, Joe Dunthorne, Paul Ewen, Steve Finbow, Amy Guth, Stewart Home, Travis Jeppesen, Paul Kavanagh, Haidee Kruger, Toby Litt, Melissa Mann, Martin Millar, Ben Myers, Kevin O’Cuinn, Joseph Ridgwell, Adelle Stripe

William Burroughs cut ups

Summer ‘87 by Matthew David Scott

Vortex by A.J. Kaufmann

Me, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Daughter by Joseph Ridgwell

‘Western Night’ by Rob Plath

Parasitic is clearly some monster beast – and Zack Wilson has done an excellent job in attracting such a stellar list of writers – and been especially kind in allowing a dumb chancer like me to share this stage. Considering this must only be the second time I have not offered cash or sexual favours along with my submission – I am a bit pleased.

Don’t read this – read Parasitic – all of it – and then send them you very best stuff.

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