Saturday, 5 July 2008

Sein Und Werden

Sein Und Werden – Summer 2008 – Sein, Cos, Tan – is now out and available to buy in print. Just read through my contributor’s copy this morning – and it is quite a trip. Editor, Rachel Kendall, has just gone straight into my top ten of awesome women, purely as a result of producing such an exciting, and absorbing, collection.

Filled with short stories, flash, poems, and the magnificently indefinable, it is a collection that can provide entertainment beyond a single read. It is about 58 pages – but starts on minus figures – and sticks two fingers up at any conventions. Includes graphs. And diagrams. And equations (like mystical runes). And artwork. The written pieces touch on surrealism, abstactism, jism, existentialism, and many other isms. Some very clever fuckers have contributed to this – but all highly readable, and thought provoking.

Surrealistic Pillow Book is my own contribution. It includes accountancy terminology among other things.

Matrices, by David McLean, steals the show – a bit of an epic – that covers so many things: Sheol, Nivea, a possible Placebo reference, philosophy, religion, meaning (and lack off), words in latin (and italics), and joyfully blasphemous depravity, just to list a few. A fucking ‘meaty’ read, that turns seamlessly from the profound, to the obscure, to the outrageously funny, and back again.

The Potter, by Brenton Rossow, and Shadows by V Ulea (Vera Zubarev), were both particularly engaging, and moving. Pathology Sex Monsters, by Ross Brodie, is an absolute scream – a great use of scientific and biological terminology to describe some hardcore fucking.

The entire thing is highly refreshing because of the many approaches, and styles.

The online edition – with different content – is also very much worth checking out.

There is a link on the right to Sein Und Werden – current issue – for browsing the online content – and info on how to part with £3/$6/3.90 Euros (+p&p). There is also information about the theme for the autumn issue – why not unleash your own madness?

Full list of contributors:

J E Stanley
Pablo Vision
Jane Thompson
Andrew Lundwall
Sherry Musick
Aaron A Polson
Irene Frenkel
V Ulea
John Brewer
David McLean
Ross Brodie
Adam Hinton
B Drew Collier
Juliet Cook
Brenton Rossow
A J Kirb
Rachel Kendall

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