Saturday, 5 July 2008


I am most excited to have both Ignorant Art Ism (a more than slightly perverse write) and Transmigration Triptych – The Abhorrence of Symmetry (artwork) in MungBeing 20. There is a link on the right – should you feel so inclined. And why the fuck would you not? This is an excellent multi-media site – and all of the issues contain some great work.

Please search out Jennifer Chesler on MungBeing and read all of her pieces there. There is also a link on the right-hand side in the Highly Recommended Writers section. She is (and by far) the most outstanding and exciting literary talent I have ever read. And this is not on of those prevaricating ‘one of the best’ type statements casually written on the back of novels. On discovering her work about a year ago, I was instantly of the opinion that she is the most important artist writing today. Nothing I have read since has come close to altering my opinion.

The linked pieces only represents a small taste of the most astounding body of work I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

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