Saturday, 21 February 2009

Epic Rites

I am very pleased to announce that I have moved into virtual office space at Epic Rites.

My office door can be found on the main Epic Rites website here. “A New Experience In Food Retail” can be read there.

Clicking on the pablo vision icon/middle finger image on the main page will open the door to my office. “type you fucker, just type…” can be read there, and the artwork for Rob Plath’s “a bellyful of anarchy”, Mark Walton’s “Frostbitten”, and David McLean’s “of dead snakes” can be viewed in full glorious Technicolor. “The House Of The Dead Man” currently completes the written work on show. The office can also be directly entered here. But that would not be half as much fun.

I will be sure to update this blogspot when I put some new stuff up.

There’s all sorts of tremendously exciting things happening at epic rites:

virtual office space also occupied by Wolf Carstens, Rob Plath, Karl Koweski, and RD Armstrong…

links to the Frostbitten website, Rob and Jack America radio show (and archives), Epic Rites and The Thin Edge Of Staring journals, and all sorts of upcoming events and happenings – including the upcoming Riverwood Poetry Festival (five days of destructive madness in Connecticut at the end of June)…

and a very exciting schedule of titles to be released by Epic Rites Press. Watch this space (well, not this space, but the Epic Rites space, obviously)…