Saturday, 7 February 2009

Black River Publishing – Literary Bitch

Very pleased that a submission from an eternity ago (one I had forgotten about) has gone up in Black River Publishing’s first issue of the online journal Literary Bitch. An older piece too. As Jethro Tull say in the liner notes for their 1968 album, ‘this was how we were playing then – but things change’ – however, in the case of Jethro Tull they immediately changed into a band so embarrassingly awful, that it is hard to comprehend just how good ‘This Was’ is. Fucking hope the changes I am making are for the better, rather than Jethro’s parlous descent!

Anyway, you can read “Hollywood Blood Bat Fiasco” here and you can read David McLean’s lyrically sensitive, and fragrant, poem “the night smells of piss” here