Sunday, 4 January 2009

frostbitten – mark walton – epic rites press

Very excited to have been invited to do the artwork and design for the Workers In Blood chapbook series (Epic Rites Press). The first one in the series will be Mark Walton's Frostbitten.

The artwork can be seen here – just scroll down a bit (the artwork for Rob Plath’s A Bellyful Of Anarchy is also on this page).

But, books are about content – not covers – so I’ll echo and endorse what is being said at Epic Rites about Frostbitten:

"Friedrich Nietzsche wrote: "Of all that is written I love only what a man has written with his blood. Write with blood and you will discover that blood is spirit." The epic rites workers in blood chapbook series showcases work by artists whose medium is blood.

The first entry in the series is Frostbitten by Mark Walton, winner of the 2008 London Poetry Slam! Championship. Mark does not merely write with blood, he wields his pen like a scalpel - marbling away fat and dead tissue with surgical precision.

Frostbitten is not merely a collection of poetry, it's the literary equivalent of open heart massage.

Frostbitten will be available in February 2009 from the epic rites bookstore, Amazon, CreateSpace and other venues yet to be announced. The price is $10 USD. A percentage from every book sold will be donated to Mark's favourite charity, the Terrence Higgins Trust, a charitable organization that helps those affected by HIV/AIDS. Thus, every book purchase will not only support Mark's work, epic rites press, but also a lot of individuals who could really use a bit of help."

I'll just add that there will be some really strong and exciting work coming out in this series – and this is going to be a killer book to launch it.


Massive cheers to Wolfgang Carstens at Epic Rites – the amount of work he has done in the last few weeks is simply astounding: a multitude of things going on at the Epic Rites site, many exciting books forthcoming, two different online journals (The Thin Edge of Staring and the second issue of Epic Writes online), and much more besides.

There is a link to Epic Rites on the right – and always loads of exciting stuff going on – be sure to check it out regularly.