Saturday, 10 January 2009

Clockwise Cat

Clockwise Cat has struck issue number twelve and very pleased that my piece “Damaged Girl” is here.

I reviewed some books written by other people. Buying books can help the authors buy expensive drugs, and it helps kills trees. Trees take oxygen out of the atmosphere and replace it with carbon monoxide. So that’s two reasons for buying books. Other reasons can be found by reading reviews.

There is a review of the deranged and demented David McLean’s Pushing Lemmings here. There is a review of the angelic Amanda Boschetto’s Angels in Hell here. And there is a review of Christopher Nosnibor’s The Plagiarist here. Christopher has previously expressed an impatience to read my posthumous work – so I consider it my duty to continue with my 60 cigarettes a day habit.

There is an impressive list of contributors – but because my fingers are too cold to type – I will just say be sure to check it out – and mention that the prominent promoter of the pope, David McLean, has a sizeable number of poems there, and several reviews, including one for the wonderful Sein und Werden, which can be read here. The review is for the Memento Mori issue, and very astutely describes my own complex relationship with the Lord.

I have heard and seen herds of Christians sing ‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’ with great gusto. Rejoice, sheep, rejoice.

Anyway, back to Clockwise Cat, and a post with a lot of here’s – one can read a story about ‘me’ by Mark Mika here. Mark specially commissioned Goya to do the illustration for this piece.