Monday, 29 September 2008

Rural Messengers Press

Most specially pleased to find my first posthumous acceptance in my inbox this morning (death is always the best career move). This acceptance is from Rural Messengers Press, and they are going to be using my piece in Side of Grits. The piece they will be using is She Came Too Early, And Left Us In The Morning.

I have also sent them a picture of myself. Now that I am dead I am less concerned with my image being used. In life, I thought that my devastatingly good looks would distract people from the exceptional nature of my work; that I would, once again, become a sex object. But I only have to worry about necrophiliacs now. And worry I do not, for I am dead.

I will be saying more about Side of Grits when it goes live – but for now there is a party in my death-shroud, and you’re all invited.

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