Monday, 15 September 2008

Neonbeam 6

Very excited that the new issue of Neonbeam is now out. There is a free download – but I am going to wait until I read the print version (priced at an absolute give-away of £3.49) because of how wonderful the previous print issue was. I will, therefore, be saying more about this later. There are links to the free download and the print option on the right – for those sensible enough to not wait.

As always some pretty shit-hot people in this thing, and it is always an excellent publication.

Very much looking forward to reading:

Fiction by:

Christopher Nosnibor, John Oliver Hodges, Gillian Taber, Michael Ray Laemmle, Christian Roberts, Adrian Ludens, Kevin P. Keating, and Pablo Vision.

And poetry by:

David McLean, Rob Plath, Felino Soriano, Darryl Salach, Gary Beck, Joseph Reich, Patience Wieland, Geoff Stevens, Jack Henry, James S. Wilk, Ernest Williamson III, Robert S. King.


NB talks to past contributor Gregory L. Hall about his new horror fiction orientated web project

Neonbeam 5 is still up and available (links on right) – there is a short run down of content in the previous posts – although, to preserve a certain deviant's modesty, I neglected to mention the nude picture of David McClean in this issue. But seeing that he is now understandably proud of this, I feel it ok to share a little known fact about the expanded dimensions of issue 5: these were changed just in order to accommodate his err… physical dimensions. Because I always like to steal other people’s ideas I tried submitting a poem that was written on my own penis for Issue 6 – but, apparently, one word poems are not that popular.

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