Sunday, 5 November 2017


"The dull yellow eye of the creature has opened! SWALLOWTUDE by Rob Plath, featuring exterior and visual appendix by Pablo Vision.

EPIC RITES PRESS began its long, strange journey with the publication of Plath's monster poetry collection A BELLYFUL OF ANARCHY, which was followed by other poetry collections like THERE'S A FIST DUNKED IN BLOOD BEATING IN MY CHEST, DEATH IS DEAD, and THE SKELETON SUTRAS. Along the way we released drama WE'RE NO BUTCHERS, a creative writing textbook AN AX FOR THE FROZEN SEA, and even an illustrated children's book HEARTS FOR BRAINS, featuring art by Janne Karlsson. And now ... SWALLOWTUDE, Plath's first novel.

Truly, with SWALLOWTUDE, we've created something unparalleled. This book moves like a hungry parasite through your brain, searching for that small part of you that wants to live."

"Harry is an angry, out-of-work writer who is sick to his stomach of existence. It's not that Harry's afraid of doing himself in-it's just that for now he prefers suicide to be a slow striptease of sex, booze, drugs, etc. Through all lower-case, straight razor-sharp prose, Plath's experimental novel SWALLOWTUDE slashes the Void into ribbons and carves JUST LIVE into our brains."

"All advanced orders for Rob Plath's newest book SWALLOWTUDE have shipped! I can't wait to hear feedback about Plath's novel. First, Misti Rainwater-Lites' novel BULLSHIT RODEO was blacklisted, then my SAVAGE LOVE was banned; with SWALLOWTUDE, however, I have a feeling Rob Plath, Pablo Vision, and myself may very well wind up behind bars. If, as Kafka says, a book should be "an ax for the frozen sea," then SWALLOWTUDE is a motherfucking chainsaw!

Thank you to everyone who placed an advanced order for SWALLOWTUDE. Your money has been placed in trust to bail us out of jail.

SWALLOWTUDE motherfuckers!" - Wolfgang Carstens

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