Sunday, 31 January 2010

Clinical, Brutal: An Anthology of Writing with Guts

“Clinical, Brutal: An Anthology of Writing with Guts is a collection of works in both poetry and prose that encapsulates the ethos of Clinicality Press and the essence of Clinical Brutality as a mode of writing.

Featuring some of the most exciting up and coming writers, as well as a number of more established cult figures, this collection is a short, sharp shock: clinical, brutal, cutting edge. It’s all about those small, everyday random acts of violence, not all of which are physical or even necessarily entirely tangible, that are common to us all, written in blood using direct, precise and powerful language. There’s more to Clinical Brutality than violence and gore, and there’s no shortage of humour to be found in the poems and prose pieces here.

This is writing for the post-CSI generation. It’s not for the faint-hearted.”


Pablo Vision
Kestra Faye
Jim Lopez
Radcliff Gregory
Díre McCain
Stewart Home
A.D. Hitchin
Christopher Nosnibor
Richard Kovitch
Lee Kwo
S. F. Grimm
David Mark Dannov
D M Mitchell
Jock Drummond
Lucius Rofocale
Stuart Bateman
Karl van Cleave
Vincent Clasper
Constance Stadler
Bill Thunder
Christopher Bateman
Simon Phillips
Maria Gornell

Available now (200 pages – UK £8.00/Europe £9.00/RoW £10 including postage) from Clinicality Press at

The book will also be available as a trade paperback via Amazon, Barnes and Noble and most other on-line bookstores.

Links to Christopher Nosnibor in conversation with featured authors at

Massive thanks to Clinicality Press and Chistopher Nosnibor for the inclusion and support; and much admiration for making the entire process fast, painless, and impressively effective.

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Clinical, Brutal… An Update with Gusto

Favourable reviews of Clinical, Brutal at Amazon and Bookpleasures. Naturally, I come out smelling of roses.