Monday, 5 October 2009

MungBeing 28

Highly pleased that the new issue of MungBeing showcases three examples of my artwork for Epic Rites Press. Although I do not like to talk about the process of how created, I do provide some incidental background - and tangential musings - relating to the artwork. View, and read, here. And find out more information, or buy the books, here.

Many thanks to Mark for continued support of my work at MungBeing. With average issue hits in excess of 90,000, MungBeing continues to be one of the most high-profile, and successful, journals on the internet.

But, in much the same way that anyone purchasing Harper’s Bazaar in the Fifties, would – should – head straight for the Flannery O’Conner stories featured, the following links converge into a collection of work that rises above all else.

Jennifer Chesler at MungBeing:

The Gum Incident

The Baker

A Letter I Got In Prison


Pam And Brad

Sickening Remains


Skeleton Shmeleton

Transcript Of Interview With Jennifer Sparks