Monday, 1 June 2009

speed is of the essence

well, not long since back from cyprus, i am soon to be offline again, heading over to france for a while. speed seeming to have been the essence of the time in-between, it will be nice to slow down for a bit, and hopefully recover somewhat.

so quickly:

mighty pleased to have done the cover art/design for david mclean’s hellbound. forthcoming on epic rites. look out for news and reviews there soon. for now, a quick preview of what it will look like can be seen here

very excited that my piece “psychology in the cubicle” will be appearing in issue three of the very vibrant and distinctly different paraphilia magazine. issue three possibly out whilst i am away, but issue one (which includes my piece “babushka”), and a similarly fantastic issue two, can be found here oh, and those flashing images there are my work too. aren’t i clever/annoying?

also thrilled that the new issue of heavy bear should be out soon. will be cover artist and featured artist. i think.

delighted that my work will appear in the crossing chaos enigmatic ink anthology – “quantum genre on the planet of arts” – possibly out around september. more info later.

and, because i can’t stress it enough, very, very excited that a bellyful of anarchy is available for advance orders. see post below, or simply just click here

i fought the loire and the loire won...