Monday, 23 March 2009

Paraphilia Magazine

Well, taking a short break from taking a break, I’ll quickly say a few things.

Delighted that the first issue of Paraphilia Magazine is now available as a free download here

Filled with many exciting written pieces and images, and a very impressive line up of artists – this all looks very exciting indeed. So get clicking, and get downloading!!! Too much stuff to mention – but bloody hell, it’s even got music and multimedia legend, Steven Severin (yes, as in Siouxsie and the Banshees), in there too. How cool is that?

My own piece is called “Babushka”, and it is on page 37, and it is one of those gentle understated pieces suitable for all the family to read.


And moving on briskly, dead pleased that David McLean’s “of dead snakes” is now available to buy, or download for free, here, and some great reviews and info can be found here

And moving on with indecent haste, very pleased that Mark Walton’s “Frostbitten” is available to purchase from the Epic Rites Bookstore here, and reviews and samples of Frostbitten can be found here

Buy both David McLean’s “of dead snakes” and Mark Walton’s “Frostbitten”, and get my cover art absolutely free!!!

And over at Epic Rites it seems like there is a new and mysterious person now occupying office space – a cacophony of chainsaws emanating from behind the office door – just what the fuck is he building in there?