Sunday, 21 December 2008

Sein und Werden - Winter 2008 – Philias and Fetishes

Excited beyond words that the latest print edition of Sein und Werden is now out and available. I have not been submitting much of late – and purely because I cannot think of anything to top this.

Featuring a piece by Jennifer Chesler (it might have taken about 2,000 years – but finally a ‘JC’ worthy of worship – and one who truly performs miracles every time she writes). I have got something in it. And that depraved deviant David McLean also. And a very impressive sounding line-up from the bios.

Each copy will be ribbon-bound and have a different cover. I think there are a few reasons why this will be highly collectible in years to come. Buy a copy (only £3.50/US$7.50/5.10EUR) – or several – details here.

And do check out the online content – some great stuff there too.